Choose Your Own Adventure

You’re the star of the story!

April 02

Choose Your Own Adventure is a guided exploration taking place in Vancouver on the evening of Wednesday, April 02, 2014.

Participants will receive a booklet with a Choose Your Own Adventure-style story. Following the text will lead them around the designated area. They will find things described in the text and make choices.

See here for information on previous adventures.

Following is a simplified example. The actual booklets will be more involved, requiring participants to interact with and observe the environment to proceed.

You’ve almost lost your pursuers! After going down the ramp, you come to the end of the hallway.

If you go left, turn to 36.

If you go right, turn to 51.

When? Where?

Booklets will be available between 5:00 and 5:30pm at location near Broadway and Granville. Participants will find out the adventure area when they pick up their booklets.

There is no formal end time for the adventure as participants will be adventuring at their own pace. You can leave at any time, or stick around for the final reunion.


A $5 donation is requested to cover research, artistic, and printing costs, but pay what you can.


We recommend that you register in advance to guarantee that you will receive a booklet. We will print extra booklets for people who didn’t register, but they may run out.


Let us know after you register if you have particular accessibility concerns, we can collaborate to find an adventure that can work for you.

Alone, or in pairs?

You can attend in a group of your choosing, as adventuring can be more fun with a friend. Any group size is permitted, but larger than three may become awkward.


Direct any questions to us via the form below. This is not the registration form, that’s here.